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Online RSVPs & Wedding Websites – How does this work?

Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful. There are so many things to consider from picking the perfect venue, should you have a sit-down dinner, buffet, or action stations, what style of dress you should wear, how many guests you should invite, the list goes on and on. One thing that shouldn’t cause you stress is your RSVPs.

Unfortunately, my husband and I have been that couple to completely forget to send in our RSVP card for a wedding. A couple of times we just completely forgot about to the RSVP card and accidentally missed the RSVP date only to receive the text from our friend with the, “We know you’re coming, but can you please send in your RSVP card?” question. Over the past few years, we have LOVED the option of being able to RSVP online.; it’s way more convenient to be able to RSVP online and get all the wedding details, registry, etc. on the couple’s wedding website.

My wedding date was May 3, 2019, and we used The Knot to create our wedding website. If you’re looking for an example, this is the link to our wedding website: The Knot Wedding Website Example. On the bottom of our custom invitations we put a link to our website to make it convenient for anyone looking for more details or our registry.

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There are many RSVP websites. After planning a wedding, I would say these are the best.

Top RSVP Websites:

  1. The Knot

If you want to make your wedding planning easy, this is the go-to site. The Knot provides many planning tools including online RSVP. You can create your guest list, then you send out the invitations saying “To RSVP, please visit” If guests confirm through other means such as calling, texting, etc., you can personally enter their details in the guest list to keep it updated.

  1. Wedding Wire

Wedding Wire is also a great wedding planning site. Just like The Knot, you can RSVP online, create a wedding website, choose and keep track of vendors, and even set up your registry.

  1. Zola

Zola started off just as a registry website, and has quickly expanded their services to offer the same features as The Knot and Wedding Wire. On Zola you can create a free wedding website, create your registry, and even shop for Save the Dates and Invitations.

RSVP Card Examples

There are many templates already created for an Online RSVP. Sites like Zazzle and Minted already have many options. You can customize invitations or RSVP cards to say anything you would like.

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RSVPs Won’t Get Lost

Every bride crosses their fingers before putting wedding invitations in the mail hoping they make it to their intended destination. What’s even worse is waiting for the RSVPs to make it back to you on time and filled out properly. Online RSVPs have zero chance of getting lost AND you don’t have to worry about texting your friends begging them to get them in the mailbox in the allotted time frame.

Save Money

If you’re looking to save money on your wedding invitations, not having to purchase RSVP return cards, envelopes and stamps is the best way. If you’re sending out 200 invitations, those extra stamps alone will cost over $100. Wouldn’t you rather spend that extra money on something fun?!  Another card you can eliminate is the accommodation card—you can list hotel options on your wedding website By having guests RSVP on your wedding website, you can save over $200 and potentially much more.

RSVP Using Automated Text Message Service

Many people are already using RSVP websites, however, we even found that piece to be difficult for some people; you have to take the time to type the URL into your smartphone, or log onto a desktop computer. This is when I came across Replied App. Many people use text message RSVPs for smaller events like bridal showers, birthday parties, bridal luncheons, etc. One person can handle getting 10-20 RSVPs going straight to their phone, but nobody wants to keep up with 100s of text message RSVPs coming into their personal phone, que Replied App.

Replied App is an RSVP website where you can sign up for text message RSVPs using the automated text message RSVP service. We found that this is the easiest way to gather replies from guests. You can still send a traditional RSVP card, like I did, and add your Replied App phone number saying, “To RSVP, please text RSVP to xxx-xxx-xxxx.” 

The intelligent platform then asks your guests all the pertinent questions, you can even ask for meal preference and add a custom question, like song requests, or anything you would like! This made my life so much easier in the months following up to the wedding. I didn’t have to worry about going to the mailbox everyday then tallying up the RSVP replies. I also didn’t have to worry about the replies getting lost in the mail, or paying for 100s of extra stamps. This RSVP website with text message technology made the weeks leading up to my wedding so easy. I just had to log into my account and watch the replies come in, I could immediately see how many guests were attending. We didn’t have to reach out and beg people to RSVP before the deadline because picking up your phone and sending a text message is so convenient.