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Tips to Write Text RSVP for a Wedding Event

Everyone wants to create a unique invitation for their wedding. You might also have the same wish for your special day. Whether you have a wedding ceremony in a church or a beach, it all starts with the invitation card. That said, creating and distributing traditional wedding cards can be quite time-consuming and expensive. You need an alternative option to send invitations.

Sending a text RSVP for a wedding event will create a great impression in front of your audience. Furthermore, it is a unique way to invite people to your wedding. With Text RSVP, you can choose from a plethora of templates according to your wedding theme.

According to Statista, the average cost of wedding invitations in the U.S. alone is more than $173. You can save a significant amount of money by choosing text RSVP for a wedding.

Tips to Write Text RSVP for a Wedding Event

If you need any help writing text RSVP for a wedding event, here are some tips:

1.      Include Clear Deadline

While writing a text RSVP, you should mention the deadline in clear and bold fonts. This can save you from stress and the waiting game. Keep in mind that you have a lot of preparation to do after confirming the number of guests available for the event. It would be a great idea to set the deadline one month before the event. Finalizing the guest list four months before the special day will give you relief and help you simplify the wedding arrangements.

2.      Match the Theme

Make sure that the text RSVP’s template matches with the wedding theme. For instance, if you are planning a floral party with orchids and roses, you have to follow the same theme for your text RSVP. Here are some templates examples to give you an idea about how to match the theme.

3.      Add Essential Information

Are you wondering what elements you should include in your text RSVP? If yes, then here is a brief list:

  • Tagline
  • Date & time
  • Checklist for availability
  • plus-one section
  • Dietary requirements
  • Deadline to respond

4.      Include Detailed Information

Before sending a text RSVP for a wedding event, you should check whether you included all the details. There is nothing wrong with adding extra information in your text RSVP. Remember, it is not a physical card that you have to pay more money for extra details. You can include your email address and phone number so guests can contact you for directions and other queries. You can use this texting method to inform guests about dress codes.

5.      Create a Spreadsheet

Keeping up with the number of guests can be a challenge. You have to check each message to confirm their availability, search their name in the list, and mark availability. With text RSVP, however, you don’t have to create a spreadsheet or make a list in a notepad as the tool automatically updates the spreadsheet when you receive a response. That way you cannot make a mistake. Once the deadline is up, you can check the updated list and arrange the event according to the number of guests available.

6.      Break the Traditions

Many people use traditional words such as Regretfully Declines or Accept with Pleasure. This can look quite repetitive because we have heard it many times. If you want to create a unique text RSVP, you have to play with the words. If you want to do your wedding your way, you should write the text RSVP embracing your personal side. Change the words as you want and personalize the template according to your wedding style. Try writing something funny in the text RSVP.

7.      Show Your Creative Instinct

Think out of the box while writing a text RSVP. Keep in mind that you are inviting your guests to the special event. Thus, your invitation card should be unique as well. The text RSVP should include aesthetic narratives and fun questions. For instance, you can ask, what song will you love to dance to on the dance floor?Keep in mind that if your text RSVPs reflects your personality, your guests will enjoy while reading.

8.      Send Text RSVPs Early

There is a wide range of reasons to send the invitation cards early. The best time to send the invitation card would be two months before the event. When you send the cards earlier, you can give one month to your potential guests to decide whether they can make up for the wedding or not. Furthermore, you should have at least one month for the arrangements after the deadline.

Why Choose Replied App to Send Text RSVP for Wedding

Text RSVP is becoming popular because it eliminates the need to print invitations. Instead, you can write your message in a text RSVP app. Tools such as Replied app have advanced features so you can manage the invitations.

With this app, you can choose from a wide array of templates to make your invitation unique. Furthermore, you can create different invitations to send text RSVPs to groups. Here are some benefits of using Replied App to send text RSVP for weddings:

  • Send instant invitations
  • Receive instant response
  • Guests can set reminders
  • Update automated guest list
  • Send multiple text RSVPs


Now that you know the tips to write text RSVP for a wedding event, you can send the invitations to your guests. Replied App is an easy and effective tool to send wedding invitations and can save you valuable time and reduce stress. Furthermore, you can immediately send an update invitation in case of an error. If you want to protect our environment by cutting down on paper use, you should opt for Replied app to send wedding invitations.