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Our automated text message invitation and text message RSVP service is the easiest way to gather replies from your guests. Then we'll organize and count them for you!

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As Simple as Sending a Text

Texting makes it easier for your guests to respond to your RSVPs, allowing you to get your responses faster.

Why Use Text RSVPs?

Faster RSVPs

Text messages are instant, so your guests can reply faster. No need to wait for snail mail RSVP cards or force your guests to login to an RSVP website

More Replies

Your guests are more likely to reply to your invitation if you make it easier for them. Sending a text is the easiest form of communication.

Automatic Tallying

You have enough work to do for your event, don't spend time counting up RSVPs and let us do it for you.

Try It First

Send a text message to 251-312-6034 to start your RSVP

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All The Features You Need

Whether you're a professional event planner or a diy planner, Replied App has you covered.

Text Message Invitations

Build your guest list including 1 cell phone number per household, then send your text invitations at the click of a button. The invitations will also ask your attendees to RSVP via text.

This is recommended even if you are sending formal paper invitations

Text Message Follow Ups

When your guests don't respond to your text message invitation, click a button to send follow up text messages asking for their RSVP ASAP.

Automatic Meal Counting

Enable automatic meal choice counting and customize your 3 meal choices to gather meal choices via text message. The meal choices selected by each guest will count up automatically and you can view them in your RSVP dashboard online.

Request RSVP Updates

When it's getting very close to your event date, in 1 click, you can send text messages to your guests that will remind them to update their RSVP status if anything has changed. Your guests simply text "edit" to your RSVP number and they can edit their RSVP. You will see the updated head count for your RSVPs online in your RSVP dashboard.

Message All Households

Have an important update you need to send to all your attendees? Enter your message and send text messages to everyone that has RSVP'd via text at the click of a button.

Limit Headcount

When using text message invitations, you can enable 'limit headcount' in your settings which will inform each household how many seats you have reserved for them (just like a paper RSVP!)

Disable Incoming RSVPs

When you have reached event capacity, disable incoming RSVPs which will inform any new household's that try to RSVP that your RSVP window is closed.

Text Message Cancellations

In the unfortunate circumstance that you need to completely cancel your event, you can enter a cancellation reason and send text message cancellations to anyone who has RSVP'd to your event with the click of a button. This also disables any new incoming RSVPs.

Setup my event now

How Does This Work?

You have two options to setup your event with Replied App

Option 1 - Text Message RSVPs Only

Wedding invite

Step 1: Share Your RSVP Number

Include your Replied App RSVP phone number on your paper invitations, RSVP cards, or flyers.

text message convo

Step 2: Attendees Text RSVP

Your attendees will text message your RSVP phone number and the A.I. powered text message platform gather's their replies automatically.

Text rsvp dashboard

Step 3: View RSVPs Online

Login to Replied App to view, filter, and watch as your RSVP replies flow in and tally up automatically.

How To Setup Text RSVPs

Option 2 - Text Message Invitations + Text Message RSVPs

(Recommended - even if you send formal paper invitations)

Text rsvp dashboard

Step 1: Build Your Guest List

Build your guest list using Replied App and include 1 cell phone number per household. You can also set a party max limit for each household.

Text message animation gif

Step 2: Send Text Invitations

Enter your event details in the invitation settings and then send text message invitations at the click of a button.

Text message convo

Step 3: Attendees Text RSVP

Once your attendees receive their text message invitations, they will begin responding and completing their RSVPs via text message.

Text rsvp dashboard

Step 4: View RSVPs Online

Login to Replied App to view, filter, and watch as your RSVP replies flow in and tally up automatically

How To Setup Text Invitations + Text RSVPs


Tier 25
$ 14 .99 /per event
  • 25 Households
  • 25 Text message invitations
  • 25 Text message RSVPs
  • 1 Dedicated phone number
Tier 50
$ 29 .99 /per event
  • 50 Households
  • 50 Text message invitations
  • 50 Text message RSVPs
  • 1 Dedicated phone number
Tier 100
$ 59 .99 /per event
  • 100 Households
  • 100 Text message invitations
  • 100 Text message RSVPs
  • 1 Dedicated phone number
Tier 200
$ 69 .99 /per event
  • 200 Households
  • 200 Text message invitations
  • 200 Text message RSVPs
  • 1 Dedicated phone number
Tier 300
$ 79 .99 /per event
  • 300 Households
  • 300 Text message invitations
  • 300 Text message RSVPs
  • 1 Dedicated phone number

Mega Event Pricing

Tier 500
$ 99 .99 /per event
  • 500 Households
  • 500 Text message invitations
  • 500 Text message RSVPs
  • 1 Dedicated phone number
Tier 1000
$ 159 .99 /per event
  • 1000 Households
  • 1000 Text message invitations
  • 1000 Text message RSVPs
  • 1 Dedicated phone number
Tier 1500
$ 199 .99 /per event
  • 1500 Households
  • 1500 Text message invitations
  • 1500 Text message RSVPs
  • 1 Dedicated phone number