How to setup your invitations for text message RSVPs

The great thing about replied app is that you have multiple invitation options to choose from. All the options below give you the ability to quickly and conveniently receive all your RSVP replies with the replied app text rsvp app. After you setup your replied app account and receive your dedicated RSVP phone number, use one of the options below to setup your invitations.

Option 1: Paper invitations
A lot of weddings still go the traditional route with paper invitations and RSVP cards, and pairing this with text message RSVPs is a great option because it takes the headache out of receiving RSVP replies in the mail and counting them up by hand. Also, buying the extra stamps for your guests to mail their RSVP replies back gets very expensive. To save even more money and skip buying RSVP cards, you can include your dedicated replied app RSVP phone number right on the actual invitation. The other option is to include a traditional RSVP card, but instead of including a return envelope with a stamp, place your replied app number on the RSVP card.

Using the template editor on whichever website (,, you are buying your RSVP cards from, delete the line for guests to fill in their information and in it's place, type out “To RSVP, send a text message to [your replied app rsvp number].” See the two examples below (also created on

Invitation without RSVP card:
Example: Wedding Invitation with Replied App Number

Example: RSVP Card with Replied App Number

Option 2: Invitation Flyer (for events not requiring a formal guest list)
For events that don’t require a formal guest list and invitations to be sent (office fundraiser, company holiday party, etc.), create a flyer with the event information and place it in a public place - such as in an office where your coworkers will see. At the bottom of the invitation flyer, add a line that reads “Please RSVP by the 10th of May. To RSVP, send a text message to [your replied app phone number].” We used a company leadership conference as our example below:
Example: Company Leadership Conference Flyer with Replied App Number

Option 3: Email invitations
If you want don’t want to bother with paper invitations or spending money, email invitations are a great option. You can make them as simple as sending a note about the event date and time or as complex as emailing an animated image with the event information. See the two examples below:

Simple email invitation example:

With this option, your invitations are free and you can send as many as you want by including the guests email addresses. We used a corporate event (company cookout) as an example. Once the email is received, the guests will text your dedicated replied app RSVP phone number and the replied app platform gathers and tallies their RSVP replies automatically. Be sure to place your replied app phone number in the bolded area.