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Top 5 Unique Wedding Party Favor Ideas

Want to wow your guests at the end of your wedding with a unique party favor? Try some of these party favor ideas to give them something they can keep to remember your special day.

#1 – Live succulents
I saw this for the first time at a beautiful wedding in the spring of 2018. As all the guests were leaving the wedding, we were handed a cute little mini flower pot with a great looking live succulent inside. I planted ours in a slightly bigger white pot when I got home and the plant has been doing great since then. This was definitely unique and something that won’t let your guests forget how great of an experience your event was!

succulent wedding party favor

#2 – Wine Stoppers
Another great (and classy) party favor is the wine stopper. Depending on your preference, you can opt to get custom wine stoppers with your initials. If you don’t want custom, you can simply order a box of stylish wine stoppers that you personally find beautiful and trendy. You can find these at Bed Bath & Beyond:

#3 Beer bottle openers
If you prefer beer to wine, a beer bottle opener is a great gift for your guests. Beer bottle openers come in many shapes and sizes so there’s bound to be something for your style. We like this flamingo beer bottle opener from Bed Bath & Beyond:

#4 Mini Champagne bottles
Nothing says celebrate more than champagne, plus this gives your guests an opportunity to continue the wedding celebration on their own when they get home!

#5 Grow your own flowers – a cute bag of seeds
I’ve saw this done at a spring wedding where they bought seeds for the same flower they had decorated their entire wedding venue with. There was a small pink ribbon tied around them and the packaging was custom and had the couples names written on the front in beautiful calligraphy. Our favorite seed party favors were found on Etsy. Just search “seed wedding party favor” and you’ll find lots of different designs.

These floral and rustic looking ones were our favorite on Etsy:

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