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How You Can Use Text RSVPs for Business Events

Sending text RSVP is a cost-effective way to invite guests and participants for a business event. It is a major reason why it is becoming popular in the business sector. Initially, people started using this technology for wedding invitations but considering the advantages, people are also using Text RSVPs for business events.

Planning a business event is a challenging task. You have to manage the arrangement on a limited budget. Designing and creating business event invitations can break the bank if you are not careful. Therefore, you must adopt a cost-effective method to distribute invitations to the audience and that’s where text RSVPs come in handy.

It isn’t necessary to send a hard copy of invitations to participants. Instead, you can create a Text RSVP and send it to a list of participants with a single click. Furthermore, you can include instructions without paying additional costs but it is important to select a reliable platform to send invitations. For that, Replied App would be an excellent option. We will learn some features of Replied App to send Text RSVPs for business events, but before that let’s learn how it can help you in sending business event invitations.

Why Use Text RSVPs for Business Events

Text RSVP is more than digital invitations as it allows participants to respond to their availability as well. Using Text RSVPs, you can determine the number of people who will attend a business event. This will help you to choose the venue and other arrangements according to the participants.

This can save you from spending a huge amount on the event. When you have a complete guest list, you can reduce the expenses or increase them accordingly. In other words, Text RSVPs will help you maintain your overall budget besides inviting the people.

Another notable benefit of Text RSVPs is scheduling events. When you send a digital invitation to possible participants, they can mark the date and time on their calendar. The calendar will remind the participants about the event before the starting time to ensure they are ready.

How to UseText RSVPs

Here are some ways to use Text RSVPs for business events:

1.      Increase Response Rate

When you send invitations for a business event on a hard copy, there is always a chance that some participants might not get the invitation. The invitation card might end up in their mailing box or your team may have entered the wrong address. However, when you send invitations through an application on their mobile or email, you can ensure they receive them. This shows that Text RSVPs improve response rates and guarantee the presence of the participants.

2.      Smooth Event Planning

Text RSVPs offer convenience to event organizing teams. When they don’t have to worry about designing and printing event invitations, they can focus on other activities such as choosing the right venue, food items, and decorations. Furthermore, Text RSVP service providers offer a wide range of services to simplify the virtual invitation process. Corporations can tag and connect with guests and receive an instant response. All these benefits help businesses manage invitations from a single platform.

3.      Simplify RSVP Experience

Text RSVP is a rapidly growing and trouble-free method to send invitations for business events. Your event organizing team will admire you for choosing this method. Furthermore, you can include the information on the invitations right away. This also means that your employees don’t have to visit a printing company to print hundreds of invitations. Instead, they can type and send clear messages to participants from their mobile devices and receive an alert whenever someone responds to the digital invitation.

4.      Send Multiple Invitations

E-invitation is still a new technology that has been here for only a few years. However, Text RSVP follows new standards. Most applications that send text RSVPs allow your team to create and send different invitations for different people. As a result, you can offer a personalized experience to the participants. For instance, if you want to send an invitation to marketing and accounting teams, you can create different texts.

5.      Share Comprehensive Event Details

Text RSVPs enable event organizers to collect responses, create seating arrangements, and ensure participants’ availability. Furthermore, it allows teams to share additional information for the event, which includes Google Maps link, dress code, and other essential information. There aren’t any word limits for the invitations, which is a huge plus. What’s more, you can collect and export responses from guests and organize data for the business event. You can manage everything on your mobile phone or computer.

6.      Save Environment and Money

Last but not least Text RSVPs are an effective way to protect our environment. According to statistics, we use more than 2,000,000,000 trees for paper each year. If you want to go paperless and save hundreds of trees, you should consider using digital invitations. These invitations save paper and money as well. More importantly, it is ideal for our environment. Needless to say, Text RSVPs are a win-win situation for your business as well as the environment.


Businesses are reducing the use of paper to invite their guests and participants for an event. They are designing and creating personalized invitations to simplify the process. Furthermore, they can easily add images, link locations, and include other additional information to facilitate participants.

Participants can choose whether they will come alone or bring more guests. On top of that, Text RSVPs allow you to add restrictions on the number of guests.

If you are looking for a reliable platform to send Text RSVPs for business events, you can choose Replied App. Replied App is a text message invitation service that allows you to create new events, send invitations, and gather replies from your guests. Whether you want to send an invitation for a wedding or business event, you can send it with Replied App.