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Why Text RSVPs are Rapidly Becoming Popular?

Text RSVPs are an easy method to share invitations. The process works the same as sending a text message to your friend. Using this invitation service, you can instantly send messages to your guests and receive a response. However, if you use the traditional method for invitations, your guests may take several days to receive mail. This is just one of the many reasons why Text RSVPs are getting popular. Furthermore, you can immediately receive a response from your guests and mark their availability.

Reasons Why Text RSVPs are Getting Popular

Here are some advantages of Text RSVPs that show why an increasing number of people are utilizing them:

1.      Updates the Guests List Automatically

When you send wedding or business invitations with Text RSVPs, you don’t have to update the invitation list. The automatic system will show the number of the contact you send the invitations to. This way, you can find how many invitations you have sent and how many are remaining.

Furthermore, Text RSVP applications receive a response from the guests as well. The system automatically updates the responses on the guest list, which you can download and print for your reference.

2.      Sends Automatic Reminders

Text RVSP allows you to send invitations in advance. This reduces any chance of mistakes and saves your time. If you don’t have time for manual arrangements, you can schedule the invitations.

Sometimes, guests forget about the wedding invitation card before the event. Whether they are busy with work or forgot to check the invitation, they will receive it. The invitation before the event will help them attend the event in time. So, if your guests are preoccupied, the reminder will notify them to ensure they do not forget. On top of that, you can schedule reminders for a small group of people, especially when you know who will need a reminder.

You won’t get these types of benefits with traditional invitation methods. Even if you send an invitation via mail, certain guests might not receive it. The email might end up in their junk folder or reach the wrong email address by mistake. Text RSVP steers clear from these struggles so your guests don’t miss your special event.

Sometimes, people want to remove or update some information from the invitation. With RSVPs, you can simply send another text to the recipients to ensure they remain updated.

3.      Saves Significant Amount of Time

Text RSVP is an easy and simple technique to send invitations and saves a significant amount of your time. Similar to sending a text message to your friends, you can send invitations to a huge number of guests. Furthermore, you can schedule invitations, so you don’t have to worry about sending them when you are busy with other arrangements.

You can also use Text RSVP for wedding events to ensure you can save time and focus on other pertinent tasks.

4.      ReducesInvitation Cost

Planning a wedding can be expensive and time-consuming. Where each dollar counts, you can save a significant amount by sending digital invitations. Imagine the cost you will need to design and create perfect wedding invitations.

In most cases, invitation printing companies charge hundreds and thousands of dollars. Furthermore, sending invitation cards through courier service will add up to that expense. Even if you managed to gather money to send invitations via courier, you never know whether they will reach the right destination or not.

If you want to spend less and create a great impression in front of your guests, you should choose a reliable platform to send invitations. This is a cost-effective and time-saving method that makes sure you can use the money you saved from invitation cards for other tasks. Here is an ultimate wedding timeline and checklist for your assistance.

Now imagine, saving a significant amount of money from the invitation and spending it to make your wedding memorable. If your reception is good, people will remember it for a long time, but will your guests save the invitation card? They most likely won’t.

Important Features of Replied App as a Text RSVPs Tool

Are you looking for a reliable platform to send Text RSVPs? If yes, then you should opt for Replied App. This application allows you to design, create, and send wedding invitations to a huge number of people. Furthermore, you can instantly receive a response from the guests about their availability. Here are some features of Replied App:

RSVP Templates

Replied App offers a wide range of templates to choose from. Whether you want to send an invitation for a wedding or business event, you can browse through the templates.

Checking Response

The invitation tool allows you to gather responses from your guests. Their response will include the number of guests who will come along. The notable benefit of this feature is automated response collection as it automatically updates the invitation list, avoiding any mistakes.

Different Settings

You can choose different settings for different events. For instance, if you are organizing a business event, you can restrict guest limits.

Active Directory

Replied App allows you to create an active directory so you don’t miss any guests. Even while sending the invitation, you can create and select groups from the directory for personalized invitations.


There are a plethora of other reasons to choose Text RSVPs to send invitations. For instance, you can add and update instructions on the invitations, add reminders to ensure complete availability, and save a significant amount of money. If you want to download an effective application to send the invitation, you should choose Replied App.