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Meghan Trainor is Inviting Wedding Guests Via Text Message?

That’s right, Meghan will be going the text message RSVP route for her wedding
In an interview with Jimmy Fallon (on his show – the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon), the 24 year old singer said that sending out paper invitations and collecting RSVP cards via mail is “a lot of work,” so she won’t be doing it. She complained about the process and how she feels like she has already invited too many people as it is. Quoted from Meghan, “Oh no, why did I invite these people?” Didn’t we all feel that way when we planned our weddings? 

Jimmy Fallon asked her if she had considered the animated digital email invitations that providers like provide and she said that even doing that was too complicated. She’s sticking to text message. 

Meghan announced her engagement to Daryl Sabara earlier this year and there’s been a lot of talk about their wedding ever since. 

For those who want to follow Meghan Trainor’s trend, I listed some RSVP services below: – Create beautiful animated invitations for your event and send via text 
Hobnob let’s users send beautiful invitations for weddings and other events via text message. Your guests can click on the invitation link in the text message invite and fill out their RSVP card on the hobnob website. – Automatically gather your RSVP replies via a text message service gives users a dedicated phone number that you can share with your guests. Guests text the number and the intelligent text platform gathers their RSVP reply automatically via text message. No need to click a link or go to a website. 

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